Department of Veterans Affairs; National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NCP)

Chitra provides graphic designs services for NCP to include: creating the design, layout and visual elements for the annual highlights report; infographics; visual aids; information communication tools; handouts; banners; booklets; clinician tools, and other graphics as necessary to support the NCP and seven NCP programs.

United States Air Force Air University Learning Center

CP provides a variety of support to the Air University Learning Center to include: program support; curriculum development and faculty and student development; curriculum media, technology development and support; student management and oversight, education management system and web page maintenance; research; event support; general administration; assessments; outreach; and adjunct faculty..

Department of the Navy; Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department

Chitra Productions provides professional, administrative, and technical services in support of the Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department. Chitra provides expertise in pure water systems/equipment that includes demineralizers, heat exchangers, pumps, tanks, nitrogen blanketing systems, conductivity monitoring equipment, and the electrical systems associated with this equipment.

Department of the Navy; Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department

Chitra Productions provides professional, administrative, and technical services in support of the Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department. Chitra provides technical support, training and process development and documentation expertise, develop methods to be used by others in documenting the schedule and quality of work, prepare and perform audits and self assessments, and prepare training and technical instructions.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration; Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO)

Chitra Productions provides recruitment effort support for the Marine Operations Center through providing graphic design and trade show displays. CP provides graphic design for tri-fold brochures, posters, tablecloths, one-sided page information sheets, tabletop displays, background trade show displays, and print ads. CP also prints and provides all displays for this project.

Department of Health and Human Services; CDC

Chitra Productions provides visual information and materials development services for the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD)/Health Communication Science Office (HCSO). CP plans, designs, and produces a full range of visual/graphic layouts and products such as PowerPoint presentations, infographics, illustrations, charts, logos, photographs, elements for the web (buttons, headers, highlights) logos, letterheads, brochures, pamphlets, detailed multi-page publications, press kits signage, desktop publishing, video-ready graphics, and posters. CP also maintains a system for archiving new and existing graphic files and materials. All designs created are in compliance with HHS 508-compliant formats.

Department of the Navy, NAVFAC

Chitra Productions supports the Naval Facilities Engineering Command with Engineering Support Services. CP provides qualified personnel to include: structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, and architects to NAVFAC in the execution of their overall organizational functions and the specific missions.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Chitra Productions develops and delivers environmental training videos and materials to the EPA for a variety of clients and environmental programs.  We provide technical graphics and reproduction support, video technical support, and video/multimedia support.  For the EPA we provide videography, graphic design, script writing, instructional design, management, producing, directing, distribution, reproduction, editing, and webcasting services.

Department of Transportation (DoT); Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

For the DoT; FMCSA CP will provide Training Support services to support their National Training Center (NTC). CP will provide clerical, logistics, administration, and professional services training development support. This includes technical support and leadership, business process improvements, and other analytical studies, safety training support, multi-media support, graphic design support, information technology, website development, information systems analytic support, instructional system design and design testing, budget support, instruction, facilitation, coaching and subject matter expertise, administrative support, and strategic human capital.

Department of Army; PAD; SHARP

CP has been awarded a multi-year contract with the Department of Army; Production Acquisition Division: SHARP. CP will produce master scripts and video production for 31 videos to support the SHARP Program Office. These videos include interviews, b-roll, scenarios, interactivity, graphics, voice-over narration, and IMI Level 2. All videos must be 508 compliant to include audio descriptions and closed captioning. Each video ranges from 2 minutes to 2 hours.

Department of Army; ANC & USSAHNC

CP has been awarded a five year contract with the Department of Army; Arlington National Cemetery and the Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery (USSAHNC). CP will provide video and photojournalism technical support services and materials needed to perform video and photojournalism services at ANC and USSAHNC. These services include coordination of strategic approaches to capture applicable activities; writing of broadcast scripts; editing of video to produce professional broadcast-ready products; lighting and shooting video of significant activities and interviews; and anchoring the Army official newscasts.

Department of Defense; DHRA

CP is proud to have been awarded a contract with the DoD's Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) for Civilian Workforce Learning. CP provides focused, comprehensive research and evaluation strategies in order to support a strategic learning framework and provide actionable methodologies for application within the DoD civilian workforce. This includes recommending holistic frameworks and measures for evaluating civilian training, education, and professional development activities. The project's scope is to identify evaluation criteria, ways to prioritize future learning investments being considered, mechanisms for minimizing duplication of effort and resource inefficiencies, and measures that can be used as ROI/ROE criteria and specifications.

This project inherently involves a robust, evidence-based research agenda: exploring and showcasing best practices across government and industry; contextualizing those research findings for the DoD civilian workforce; conducting appropriate research to discover context-rich experiences highlighting where evaluation practices can be especially beneficial and to assess and validate where statistically significant evaluation opportunities exist; and illustrate ROI/ROE techniques by showcasing proven methodologies.

Department of Health and Human Services; CDC

CP provides the production of 3 videos and graphic design of 3 moderator guides. CP will provide script editing, imagery, motion graphics, text graphics,voice over recording, video editing, sound design, closed captioning, and multi-platform distribution. This includes the production of 1800 DVDs.

Department of Veterans Affairs; VISN 6

CP provides the production of a newsletter utilizing such operations as research, writing, editorial management, design and draft, handling electronic files and proofs. CP provides graphic design services to VISN 6 for the production of a monthly newsletter, "Voices of VISN 6," in an electronic format for mass distribution.

United States Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)

CP provides professional services and subject matter expertise to enable the AFCEC to maximize Air Force Emergency Management and Civil Engineer capabilities. CP develops, maintains, and sustains multiple immersive, mobile, web-, computer-, paper-based education and training courses, marketing resources and other related products and materials in support of Air Force Civil Engineer capabilities. CP also provides LMS administration, AFTR/ETR and help desk support, and performs other associated requirements. For this requirement CP develops blended learning style training products, educational/marketing products, and updates already developed products.

Department of Transportation (DOT); Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

CP provides training support services to focus on two major function areas: Clerical, Logistics, and Administration and Professional Services Training Development Support. CP also provides technical support and leadership, business process improvements and other analytical studies, safety training support, multi-media support, graphic design support, information technology, website development, video development, information systems analytic support, instructional system design and design testing, budget support, instruction, facilitation, coaching, and subject matter expertise, administrative support, and strategic human capitol. The task orders under this contract include:

•Academy Curriculum Redesign

•Learning Management System Analysis, Solution Design, and Implementation

•NTC Instructor Development Training Development and Delivery

• Skills Performance Evaluation Video Production

Department of the Navy; Drug Education For Youth (DEFY)

CP has been contracted by the Department of Navy DEFY program to provide e-learning support. CP is to create 12 e-learning courses using Adobe Captivate. These courses must contain graded quizzes, knowledge checks, and must be 508 compliant.

Department of Transporation (DOT)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

CP was contracted by NHTSA to provide instructor led training to its employees. CP provides courses in the following areas; Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Planning, Federal Service Retirement System (FERS) Planning, Project Management, and Advanced Federal Budget Process.

United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Chitra was contracted by the USACE to provide contract coordination, broadcast management, and technical expertise in video production. Chitra writes scripts, shoots, edits, and formats broadcast segments for distribution across AFN, the Pentagon Channel, and other military broadcast networks as well as across the web and military intranets. We create 15 to 20 broadcast products each month along with two weekly USACE Newscasts. We are in the process of creating the USACE Sustainability/Environmental Campaign and the USACE STEM Campaign video segments.

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Virginia Beach City Public Schools

CP was contracted by VBCPS to provide simulcast services for their Train the Trainer Dynamic Teaching Series. CP provided all equipment and personnel to shoot and broadcast the live classroom teaching. Teachers from across the district could interact with one another and comment on the teaching as it progressed as well as interact with the Trainer. The simulcast was also recorded and CP created a video to be uploaded to their servers for other Teachers who were not able to participate in the live training to access the information.

Department of the Navy: NAVSUP Norfolk

Chitra was contracted by the Department of the Navy to develop, write, shoot, edit, and deliver a 20 part video training series on the maintenance of certain equipment. We worked with the Subject Matter experts to write the A/V scripts. We shot and edited the videos at the Navy base. The video training series was delivered through a 250 DVD set and through web compatible files. Chitra's graphic team created the entire DVD Package and graphic elements included in the video training series. Chitra was given a contract amendment to add the services of the Duplication and Printing of the 250 (4) part DVD set.

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Department of Veterans Affairs: VISN 6

For VISN 6 Chitra was contracted to create a 5 to 8 minute promotional video to be delivered over the web and on 200 DVDs. Chitra working with the VA Subject Matter Experts to write the treatment and coordinated the interviews. Chitra's crew traveled across Virginia and North Carolina conducting interviews with Veterans and shooting B-roll. We worked with the VA to make sure that we were capturing the essence of the story they wanted to tell. Chitra delivered the final video in a DVD format and a web compatible format. Chitra was also awarded a contract amendment to create closed captioning for the web compatible video. Chitra's graphics team created the DVD packaging for this project. Chitra Duplicated and Printed all 200 DVDs in house.

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hermitage elementary

Hermitage Elementary School

For Hermitage Elementary School Chitra created a promotional video about their end year fair and how Hermitage was utilizing new technology like QR Codes to enhance the technical and historical knowledge of students.

Chitra also created 3 training videos for Hermitage's reading program. Chitra's crew shot and edited the footage. The final product was delivered on DVD.

SBA video image

Small Business Administration Video Contest

For the SBA Video Contest Vibhaa Vermani, the President of Chitra, entered a video testimonial explaining how the SBA 8(a) program has helped her grow her business.

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image simis

SimIS, Inc.

For SimIS Incorporated we created two promotional videos explaining their new technological explorations. These videos are being shown during their business development and investor meetings.

Physicians for Peace

Physicians for Peace

Chitra was contracted by Physicians for Peace to create several videos. We created a 5-minute promotional video to be sent to potential volunteers and donors. We conducted interviews and created a video of their awards dinner and ceremony. We also captured interviews with their donors and edited the videos to be distributed on their website.

virginia seafood oyster

Stratum: Virginia Seafood Industry

Stratum contracted Chitra to create an instructional video for the Virginia Seafood Industry. The instructional video was used to teach national and international restaurants and vendors on how to correctly open the Virginia Oyster. Chitra shot the video in Urbana, Virginia.

Hampton Roads Transit image

Hampton Roads Transit

For HRT Chitra Productions was contracted to create two PSA's for broadcast distribution and one PSA to be distributed across radio. Each PSA was shot in Norfolk, Virginia and were :30 seconds in length. Both of these PSAs won awards as part of the "Light Rail Safety" Campaign. Chitra worked with the Media Director at HRT to write, shoot, and edit these videos.

VBCPS teacher

Virginia Beach City Public Schools

The VBCPS system contracted with Chitra four times to create ten 5 to 15 minute training videos and a :30 second PSA. The first contract was to create 4 videos on incorporation the 21st century skill of engagement into the classroom. The second contract was to create one extra video on "Engagement" and to create a :30 second PSA. The third contract was to create 4 training videos on incorporation of the 21st century skill of "Differentiation" into the classroom. The fourth contract was to create two training videos on incorporating the skill of "Critical Thinking" into the classroom.