Curriculum Development and Training

Award-Winning Performance History

Chitra creates training and educational solutions for some of the most critical requirements in the nation. Chitra’s training solutions combine the latest technology, proven teaching methods, and knowledgeable instructors to produce cutting-edge training. Our experience in delivering successful training and educational products for defense and civilian government agencies, who rely on absolutes with no margin for error, equip us to ensure your learning objectives are achieved.

Because our client experience-base is broad, we don’t approach your objectives with preconceived strategies. We are uniquely able to quickly and expertly assess your specific learning requirements and design, develop and validate an ideal solution. Our training conforms to industry standards based on SCORM, ADDIE, Section 508, and sound Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methodology.

We’re proud to have successfully delivered training and educational solutions for the most critical departments in the nation including the Department of Transportation, Department of the Air Force, Department of the Navy, Department of the Army, Environmental Protection Agency, Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Services, and Department of Health and Human Services.

Why Choose Chitra

Chitra has a proven track record for developing custom training products. Our staff includes experts in the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Connect, and Adobe Captivate as well as on staff Instructional Systems Designers. We are on the cusp of new technologies and can provide solutions for providing live interactive meetings and training to expand and evolve the learning environment. Our customers choose Chitra for our responsiveness to their needs with attentiveness to their unique requirements and, our demonstrated ability to design the right learning solutions and implement the right learning strategies in the most effective and efficient manner.

Systematic Training Development and Evaluation Process

At Chitra, we understand the importance of creating cost-effective training solutions that are tailored to our client’s unique missions, tactical constraints, and problem sets. We develop realistic training solutions that are structured around realistic operational scenarios and orient around key decisions the users need to make. When developing training we ensure that all content is operationally consistent with applicable mission parameters and doctrine, as well as in compliance with applicable mission parameters, CONOPS, and doctrine. We utilize a variety of instructional and learning methodologies to create professional training products and materials tailored to specific learning needs. We ensure practical in-depth training is achieved by designing learning checks throughout the course to ensure the learner will recall, comprehend, and apply information in both formative and summative assessments/evaluations. Our proven and organized process has developed training solutions on numerous military and government agency training products including web-based, paper-based, and professionally packaged stand-alone courses.

Chitra uses a comprehensive evaluation in each phase of the development process to ensure alignment with training objectives, organizational mission, vision, and needs. During the development phase, we continuously improve and evaluate each process, along with providing frequent external quality reviews to ensure continuous improvement of both our process and the end product.

What Sets Us Apart

At Chitra, we understand the ever-changing atmosphere of government and private sector businesses. Continuous changes result in new training programs and new business practices. Chitra generates customizable solutions for businesses and agencies and accounts for their ever-evolving practices and training solutions. Chitra provides innovative and effective performance improvement solutions, enabling organizations to optimize their human capital and knowledge and improve their performance. We provide an unwavering commitment and responsiveness to our client’s needs, by using sound instructional design principles and best practices to meet our client’s specific requirements and needs.

LMS Administration
Tools & Systems

  • Blackboard
  • Moodle
  • Articulate
  • Adobe Connect
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Navy Knowledge Online
  • Army Knowledge Online
  • Air Force Knowledge Now
  • Litmos
  • SharePoint
  • SkillSoft
  • Edmodo